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Decorative Mixes

Concrete has come along way in recent years and now there is more decorative mixes available than ever before.

What is a Decorative Mix?

It is concrete that has a colour and or different coloured rocks in the mix to be used as a finished product. The most common use of a decorative mix is on a driveway where coloured or exposed concrete is used. Polished concrete is a great addition inside the house that produces that ‘wow’ factor.

Want to see what Decorative mixes we have available in your state ? Please click below.


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The images displayed in this webpage serves as a simple reference on the colour of concrete that is available in each location. The images in this webpage may appear different from the actual end product. The images may also be affected by the user’s screen resolution and colour settings which may differ how the actual image will appear. Concrete Sales encourages using these images to serve as a guide only. It’s best to view the actual concrete prior to making your final decision and selecting the colour. This is to avoid any issues that may arise with the concrete later. 

Decorative concrete covers colour, exposed and polished. Exposed Aggregate Concrete uses natural resources and products that vary in size, shape, and colour. All suppliers have taken the necessary measures to ensure that the products supplied are in par with Australian standards. These samples are only examples of what the finished product and are indicative of the finished product that is achieved after the process of laying and exposing the concrete. There is no guarantee that the colour of the actual concrete will match the sample.