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Need accessories or inspiration for your next job? Check out the Concrete Sales Retail Store!

Located at 52 Holloway Drive, Bayswater, the Retail Store will be “tradie heaven” as it is designed to be your go-to destination when you need to purchase accessories or looking for some inspiration for your next job, thanks to our fashionable display yard as the entrance to the store.

Continue reading to learn about the creation of the retail store, what we are stocking, and what you can experience.



the creation

It started off as an idea and has finally turned into a reality. Concrete Sales saw another avenue to help our customers and look after the little guys in the industry. The foundations have literally been created by our concrete and pumped by the experts at Gateway Concrete Pumping, making sure that customers can see and feel the quality of our service as soon as they walk in.

what we stock

At our Retail Store, you will be able to purchase a range of accessories such as rebar tying machines, trowels, rakes, shovels, safety accessories, gumboots, and more. You name it, we will be stocking it!

We are lucky to have a range of suppliers that are reliable and trusted, such as Rapid Tool, OX, Master Finish, Marco Pesaro, MarX, Badger, and more. From the start of your project to the finish, our suppliers have given us the tools to help you complete whatever you need.

If we don’t have what you are looking for, we will make sure you we will get it in for you, as we have connections with a wide range of suppliers for a variety of construction accessories.

customer service you deserve

As you walk in you will be greeted by Imogen, our Retail Store Assistant, who will be able to help you find any materials you may need while educating you about the products in the Retail Store. This means you can get the same friendly customer service you have heard over the phone, in person. 

In the mood for a coffee? There will be a coffee machine in the store just for you. Whether you need an early morning pick me up or wind down after a long day on the tools, its free for you to come in, enjoy a coffee, and browse around the store.

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