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Truck Fleet

Depending on the job and worksite it may be necessary to deliver your concrete in more than one truck, or maybe even employ a concrete pump to transport the concrete to a location that a conventional truck cannot reach.

As there are several variations of these vehicles at our disposal we’ve listed their specifications below so your can review your options.

Mini Mix Trucks (10T)

Used for small loads and restricted access sites.

Carrying Capacity0.4m³ To 2.2m³Dimensions:
Weight10 tonnes loadedHeight2.8m access required
Chute Length2.5mLength5.5m
Chute Height1.1mWidth2.5m access required

Maxi Trucks (23T)

Used for larger loads at commonly used with concrete pumps.

Carrying Capacity0.4m³ To 5.8m³Dimensions:
Weight22.5 tonnes loadedHeight4.0m access required
Chute Length2.8mLength7.3m
Chute Height1.6mWidth3.0m access required

Twin steer Trucks (28T)

Used for large jobs with ample room to manoeuvre.

Carrying Capacity0.4m³ To 7.0m³Dimensions:
Weight27.5 tonnes loadedHeight4.0m access required
Chute Length2.8mLength8.9m
Chute Height1.6mWidth3.0m access required