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What type of concrete do I need?

Premixed concrete is supplied in standard strength grades of 20mpa, 25mpa, 32mpa, 40mpa and 50mpa. For most domestic projects, including floor slabs, paths and sheds, concrete having a strength grade of 20 is the minimum that should be used. 25mpa is preferable for driveways, heavily trafficked paths and patios. 32mpa is traditionally used on applications where more strength is required like suspended slabs and large carparks. 40mpa and 50mpa are generally used in the construction of high rise buildings.

If you’re unsure our industry experienced staff will be able to point you in the right direction and let you know what type of concrete mix will best suit your application.

I have never ordered concrete before can you explain to me what happens? You place the concrete order with Concrete Booking Agency, we then source the concrete for you from one of our suppliers. Once we have ordered your concrete we call you back and confirm the order. At this point we require your email address and credit card details for payment. Upon payment in full an invoice is emailed and then we confirm your concrete order.
How much notice do I need to give when ordering concrete? In most cases 1 to 2 days notice is fine, but it in not uncommon for us to be able to arrange concrete deliveries on the same day.
Do you supply concrete on Sundays?

We do not supply concrete on Sundays. The times that we are able to supply concrete are governed by our suppliers. Monday to Friday is from 6-00am until 4-00pm and Saturday from 6-00am to 12-00pm. Any concrete deliveries outside these times will incur additional charges.

Why Concrete Sales instead of another concrete supplier? There are several reasons why and they are not limited to the following :one phone call and we can arrange concrete where and when you need it any where on our coverage map, we have the largest coverage area for concrete delivery, concrete price, industry experienced phone operators ( Not a call centre ), save you time, personal service along with your invoice being emailed.
How long do I need to unload the truck once it is onsite? The truck has an unloading time of 30 minutes, any time that the truck is onsite after this time will incur waiting time charges. Waiting time is charged at a rate starting from $3 per minute, this will vary depending on suppliers. You will be notified of any additional charges incurred prior to us charging your credit card.
How can concrete best be placed? The most common placement method is by chute from the rear of the concrete truck. Wheelbarrows are also a common way but can be time consuming and waiting time is sometime inevitable. Concrete pumps are a cleaner, faster and more efficient way of moving the concrete to where required, especially in place where a wheel barrow simply can’t get to, but there are additional costs involved.
Can I send concrete back if I have too much? Yes you can ! If you send back less then 1.0m3 of concrete there is no additional charges. Any returned concrete over 1.0m3 will incur additional charges. Depending on which supplier we use but the returned concrete over 1.0m3 will be charged out at price of $200 per m3+ GST for the total amount returned. You will be notified of any additional charges incurred prior to us charging your credit card.
How wet do I need the concrete? Slump is a measurement of the workability of the concrete. For example, concrete with a 100 mm slump is easily workable while concrete with a 40 mm slump is fairly stiff and much harder to work. For most work around the home, order an 80 mm slump concrete. When filling cavity walls and blockwork the slump is increased to 120 mm allowing for the concrete to flow better. The addition of water added to the concrete onsite will weaken the concrete.
What aggregate size do I need? 20 mm rock is the most common size and suitable for most applications. For most paving applications 14 mm provides more workability and is preferred by many concreters and home handymen. 7 mm aggregate is used when filling cavity walls and block work.